Asia Follow Up

In my last post I made mention of the Singaporean perspective on arts support.  As a follow up to this, I wanted to post a recent report  published by the International Federation of Arts Councils and Cultural Agencies titled Cultural Policies and the 2005 UNESCO Convention in Asia. 

In this report 13 Asian countries are chosen to compare.  We are presented with how each country has developed (similarly and dissimilarity) legal, institutional, and cultural policies to better support the arts.  Really interesting stuff! 

Of course you can always skip to the conclusion part to get the gist, but I would recommend at least a pit stop for pages 14-17.  I think it is quite telling when one considers where the various countries place arts agencies, boards, or councils within larger state institutions.  Where do the arts gets tucked in?  Are they too hidden for their goals to ever be heard much less achieved?  What are the differences in how each country defined culture?  How does that effect where it “lives” within the larger policy frameworks?

Read it here:  FINALReportUNESCOJun2014


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